Socrates’s Letter

The philosophy of Socrates, 9+

cover_page_design_jpgOne frequently hears that Socrates did not write. However, he wrote letters, and one can imagine he wrote his last one to his three sons while waiting for his death in his prison. He would have sent them a summary of his philosophy and his way of life.

Interactivity gives the reader the opportunity to learn more about Socrates, his social setting, his time.

A special mention from White Ravens about a previous edition :

“An especially notable volume from the series “known unknown” in which personalities of Western cultural history are presented. Here we read a fictional letter from Socrates to his sons, a mental legacy in which he sums up for them his vision of good and evil, important and unimportant. The agreement between the philosophical and the aesthetic message of the lovely pictures is striking. The illustrations are arranged like theater scenes, bordered by Greek columns and temple friezes and the text is integrated into the illustrations. The motifs are based on Greek vase painting, ancient statues and ivory brooches. A book with a powerful message, once again confirming the cultural objective of this one- woman publishing house and book shop in Geneva. (10+)”

Why I stage characters of the Antiquity

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